Adam Nixon 150 Game Milestone

Adam Nixon 150 Game Milestone

May 11, 2023

In Round 6 this weekend Adam Nixon plays his 150th open-age game for the Demons against the UTS Bats.    

Season 2023 is Adam’s 15th season with the Pennant Hills Demons. He is 28 years old.

Adam’s footy career started with the Bell Park Dragons in Geelong. When his family moved back to Sydney, Adam joined the Pennant Hills Juniors in 2006. Over 5 seasons (2006 -2010), he played 76 games and was a member of the Under 14 premiership side in 2008. After playing a dominant role in the Grand Final, he tragically broke his wrist in the dying moments of the game. After attending hospital to get the fracture set, remarkably he was still able to attend the after-match celebrations at Penno Bowlo, albeit he was a little late!

As a junior, Adam was 5 times R/U Best & Fairest including Association R/U B&F for the Under 13 competition in 2007.

In 2009, while still playing at Penno Juniors, he got his first taste of Under 18 football at the Penno Senior club. In total he played 38 games with the Under 18s (2009 – 2012). His first exposure to open-age footy was in 2010, before his debut in Premier Division in Round 14, 2011. The result of his debut match was a comfortable 58 pt victory against Balmain Tigers at Drummoyne Oval.

For much of his career, Adam has played in the Reserves team (100 + games), with irregular call-ups to the Premier Division side (31 games). His 100th game coincided with the 2018 Premier Division Reserves Grand Final in which he played an important role and was adjudged the team’s Best Finals Player for the 2018 finals series.

Adam usually plays in the back-half and is a capable, courageous, disciplined and reliable defender. He plays an aggressive and rugged brand of footy and always challenges his opponents. Quietly spoken, he lets his physicality ‘speak’ for himself on the field. Otherwise, he is a versatile player and can play as a goal-kicking forward as evidenced in Round 4’s victory over Hawkesbury Jets,  kicking 3 goals … the most I have kicked in a long time!

After several lean years interrupted by Covid and injury, Adam was in two minds whether to play again in season 2023. However, he was offered the opportunity to play with older brother and team captain, Fraser (187 games), in the Men’s Division One team. So far the team is doing well and after 4 rounds, sits in 2nd place with 3 wins and 1 loss. Adam can’t be disappointed with that!

Adam is a respected member of the footy club and always puts the team first. He’s always willing to help out and do his bit when things need to be done. The Nixon’s family long association with the Pennant Hills Demons stands at 17 years of loyalty and commitment to the Club. Adam’s father, David, has been the club’s honorary photographer for many years and you’ll see his work posted to social media after each round. Thanks David!

We wish Adam all the best in his 150th game.

Go Penno!

Written & compiled by John Acheson for PHAFC, Saturday, 13 May 2023

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