Masters 2020

Masters 2020

November 25, 2019

In 2020 Penno is fielding our inaugural Masters Team and we are doing a call out for all interested players.

What is Masters? – An Over 40s competition (Though you can have 3 x 35 to 39 year olds on the field) played in the spirit to win but in the understanding that no one should get hurt playing Masters.

There are only 6 games for the season, played fortnightly and commencing in May. Training will be optional for all players, but we will organise for all players a very relaxed training run on the Thursdays before each game. If you want to train more than this you are welcome to join in with our other teams as much as you want.

Home games will be on the lower ground and will generally be a Saturday twilight game around 3:30pm – you get your full Saturday for other duties before footy.

Our new club rooms will be finished before the start of the season and will be the perfect environment for partners, children and friends to support the team.

At this stage we are seeking a response from all interested players. We are lucky to have not only great player, a great person but someone who believes in the principle of Masters Footy as our inaugural coach – Peter Carey (PC). Please contact PC and advise if:

1. I am interested and could possibly play all 6 games

2. I am interested but will only play a few games

3. I will fill in when you are short on players

4. I am not interested in playing

Stay tuned for our next Masters Update – it promises to be a great year of footy.

Coach Peter Carey

Mobile – 0452 131 157

Email –

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