2019 Penno Player Auction

2019 Penno Player Auction

March 20, 2019

The 2019 Season Launch is coming up this Saturday night at the Pennant Hills Bowling Club, which means it is player auction time.

This year the player groups have been rated based on their “players points” from the 2018 season.

The player points have been calculated by the clubs Athlete Tracker system by adding the following for each player from the 2018 season culminating with the Group total;

–          Total Games Played or Coached for the club in all grades
–          Total times in the Best Players list in all grades
–          Total Goals Scored in all grades
–          Total B&F Votes in all grades
–          Total Players Player votes in all grades
–          Total Umpire votes in all grades

The Rules and Regulations are attached for your information – following the auction on Saturday night anyone can submit a higher bid for any grouping before 9.00pm on Friday the 5th of April 2019.

See you all on Saturday!

Please note that groups 6, 27 and 28 have changed as at 8pm on Friday 22 March 2019

Group A B C D E F G H I Points Bid Price $ Group Owner
1 Tom Edmonds Regan Pinker Darcy Carnahan Jack Watkins Alex Rashleigh Nigel Blow Eleanor Rugg Amanda McMenemy Yolanda Cole 473 $350 Trent Roddan
2 Matthew Carey Sam Widmer Jonathan Dixon Sam Zikman Tom D Alton Trent Roddan Alex Wade Amy McWilliam Amie Maguire 370 $420 GDP Syndicate
3 Tim Wales Ted Widmer Connor Matthews Dominic Moraitis Matt Miles James Adams Rebecca Apap Rebecca Gurka Allicia Scott 569 $325 Melissa Adams
4 Stephen Wray Pat De La Mare Ollie Nockles Anthony Johnston Jarrod Venes Ben Reidy Brianna-Lee Wade Brooke Schwenke Lisa Maynard 545 $600 Bob Wray
5 Aaron Crisfield Anthony Woodward Tomas Fowler Craig Maynard Nick Donohoe Hayden Vandermeer Brooke Roditis Caitlin Edmonds Bernadette Magann 306 $600 Linda Donohoe
6 Lukas deVries Adam Nixon Josh Cottam Nick DeGorter David Western Alex Huggins Charlotte Owen Chloe James Katie Walker 759 $425 Collin Huggins
7 Bailey O Brien Anthony Brawn Daniel Crompton Jak Stromquist Danny Strange Bradley Hill Ellicia Davis Dani Greyling Dani Cahill 564 $450 Tom Gerard
8 Campbell Luscombe Brandon Buyink Oliver Browne Fraser Nixon Dylan Whalan Greg Hume Ellie Jones Ellie Cooper Allie Lance 341 $500 Tom Angel
9 Jackson Preedy Adam Smith Ethan Hare Joel Cousens Sean Dixon Brendan Wray Manisha Kulasinghe Eliza McDonald Brooke Grossi 418 $500 Steph Tate
10 Jesse Hare Chris Baglin Ezra Pederson Harry Rivers Jack Doheny Darren Boulet Hayley Lowe Emily Guff Natalie Morrow 586 $550 Elanor Rugg
11 Josh Boag Damian DellAquila Harry Inshaw Evan Danillo Josh Crean Caleb Chavez Sophia wall Emily Lewis Rebecca Yabsley 455 $900 Cam Luscombe
12 Luke Skrivanic Drew Messenger Nick Colley Josh Natoli Jeff Hardman Mike Baldry Laara Lewis Isabelle Wall Tash Hampton 360 $650 GDP Syndicate
13 Matthew Browne Jack Leedham Callum Heaton Callum Slater Tim Wolnizer Donnie Ollington Laura Donohoe Jessie Donovan Paris Roditis 508 $300 Terry Donohoe
14 Matthew Thomas Jake Gunstone Luke Bray Shaun O’Regan Matthew Arciuli Mitchell Campbell Lauren Dowle Jessy Coulson Jodie Klopf 341 $550 Diane Gunstone
15 Mitchell Blow Lloyd Shepherd Mackenzie Carrall Nathan Breen Oscar Raue Nathan Gulliver Maddy James Kaitlin Quinlan Rachael Fraietta 362 $500 Terry Donohoe
16 Nick Hey Jason Clarke Scott Chapman Nick Baglin Cameron Akhurst Rod Vowell Madison Hare Lauren Briggs Zali Mahony 218 $300 Ray Witt
17 Harry Angel Mitchell Trenaman Tyger Fitzpatrick Jacobus Moulder Mitchell de Vries Josh Mott Mikaela Mahony Leah Church Maddy Chensee 357 $300 Theo Moraitis
18 Ranga Ediriwickrama Brett Thompson Ryan deVries Nick Whittle Russell Kindler Jordan Le Lay Riley Quinn Olivia Doheny Ivy Woolnough 459 $900 Wayne Keating
19 Theo Moraitis Aidan Russell Zac Lorschy Sam Lloyd Zac Baglin Zach Cuffe Taylor Webb Lydia Dahlen Kate Coffey 261 $700 GDP Syndicate
20 Tim Scoular Nathan Mace Jeremy Browne Dave Smith William Boscato Mike Baglin Emily Carroll Maddy Brown Angela Russell 297 $350 Harry Rivers
21 Tom Abbott Lachlan Ford Jonathan Moran Harrison Gregor James Carrington Steven Fraser Alison Bruce Madaleine Owen Steph Tate 453 $750 Brendan Gregor
22 Oliver Williams Stewart Hodges Edward Westcott Seamus Lineham Tim Acheson Stephen Veitch Tamika Sutton Meg Conlon Dani Polgar 282 $300 Dom Moraitis
23 Matt Preen Kieron Coaldrake Matthew Hall Aaron Wilkinson Ben Woollett Travys Mayne Heidi Sfiligoi Rachel Haughton Mareta Robinson 330 $250 Diane Gunstone
24 Dan Witt Maine Vidler Luke Parmenter Tom Gerard Will Anson Michael Fiedler Samantha Oyston Reegan Saiani Meaghan Nixon 259 $350 Matt Thomas
25 Pat Witt Jake Raines Max Grooms Charlie Allison Ben Miles Jack Thorncraft Amy Court Gabriella Chan Francesca Gallagher 363 $400 Theo Moraitis
26 Nick Low Jordan Rene Charlie Johnston Joshua Bartlett Nic Ryan Jackson Skirka Stephanie Schwenke Leanne Jardine Molly Brooke-Smith 211 $370 Glen Mitchell
27 Tommy Angel Seb Parker Will Grant Adrian Colautti Adam Dallas Cooper Goddard Charlotte Hey Tammy Stewart Alana Martin 388 $550 GDP Syndicate
28 Cam Smith Kieran Wright Jonathon Nati Luke Turner Rhys Tribolet Nick Shiel Harriette Churchill Freya Koutchavlis Capri Vidler 229 $300 Adam Nixon
29 AK AK AK AK AK AK AK AK AK ? $400 Owen Baglin
30 LZ LZ LZ LZ LZ LZ LZ LZ LZ ? $300 Collin Huggins
$14,040 Total to date

2019 Player Auction – Rules & Regulations

How the auction works (live at the season launch and then online)

  1. A list of pre-determined groups is created by the coaching panel and committee of the Pennant Hills players who are eligible to represent the Club in the 2019 Sydney AFL competition. These players are ranked in potential of the various teams being – Premier Division Seniors, Premier Division Reserves, Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, Under 19, Women’s Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 teams.
  2. Each grouping is then auctioned off at the clubs season launch (to either individuals or syndicates) with the highest bidder at the end of the auction being listed on the clubs website for additional bids to be placed online.
  3. The highest bidders on the live auction at the season launch will have a right of reply, and bidding will continue until closing date is reached and the Bidding process is then closed off at 9pm on Friday 5th 2019.
  4. Successful grouping owners – return on investment;As the “successful bidder” or new “owner” of a grouping, you will be paid “dividends” – being cash or drink vouchers when one of the players in your grouping meets the following criteria;
  • Is named Best on Ground in any grade by the team coach at the conclusion of each home and away each match – it doesn’t matter which team you’re player in a grouping plays with on any weekend provided he is named as Best Player.
  • Finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Premier Division Seniors Best & Fairest count at the Presentation evening.
  • Finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Premier Division Reserves Best & Fairest count at the Presentation evening.
  • Finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Under 19 Division 1 Best & Fairest count at the Presentation evening.
  • Finishes 1st in the Women’s Division 1 Best & Fairest count at the Presentation evening
  • Finishes 1st in the Division 1 Best & Fairest count at the Presentation evening
  • Finishes 1st in the Division 2 Best & Fairest count at the Presentation evening.
  • Finishes 1st in the Division 3 Best & Fairest count at the Presentation evening.
  • Finishes 1st in the Women’s Division 2 Best & Fairest count at the Presentation evening
  • Finishes 1st in the Women’s Division 3 Best & Fairest count at the Presentation evening
  1. The exact dividends payable to the grouping owners will be determined at the completion of the auction process and will depend on the amount of money raised in the auction (amounts will be listed on the website once the auction is closed off and bids have been fully collected).
  2. Please note that ALL bids are payable by 18th April 2019 unless other arrangements are made prior to that date.
  3. Following the introduction of each grouping, bids will be taken until, in the opinion of the auctioneer, there are no more bids. The highest bids on the night are then posted on the club web site www.phafl.com.au and further bids may be made by referring to the website or by contacting Ian Parker Mobile –  0428 261 984 or send email to parkeri@bigpond.com until 9.00pm on Friday the 5th April 2018.
  4. All dividends will be paid according to the percentages shown in the breakdown of payments (the breakdown of payments will be made available once final auction bids have been accepted and confirmed at the close of bidding, and the total prize $$ pool has been established).
  5. If a player is bought and then misses matches through injury, suspension or unavailability, no portion of the investment is refundable.
  6. The weekly payments in the Player Auction will run for all the home and away matches played by the Club in the respective Divisions. There will be no payments for finals matches. In the event of any ties in the Best & Fairest standings at the end of the season the money will be pooled (for the positions tied) and split amongst the owners of those players.
  7. The amounts of the weekly payments will be rounded to $5.00 multiples.
  8. Should a match not be played for any reason the weekly amounts will be held over for when the match is played?  If the game is abandoned altogether the amount will be added to the end of year Best & Fairest pool and split as per the percentages shown on the breakdown of payments.
  9. The final decision on any rules, or any matter that may have been overlooked, will be made by Ian Parker after consultation with the Club Committee.

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