Demons Dig : April 2016

Demons Dig : April 2016

April 29, 2016

Naughty Demon

Player Profile 

This month in ‘player profile’ we are grilling previous Division 1 captain Adam Dallas. Lets see what he is made of…

Name: Adam Dallas

Occupation: Physiotherapist

When did you join the club? 2009

What has been your best moment whilst being at the club? Magic kicking the sealer in our first finals game/win for 2’s in 2013. First time we’d been in since 2008 and had experienced a couple of years of getting smashed every week. So to make a finals series and get a win when no one thought we would was awesome. ( I can see his stupid head wobbling as he reads this).

What has been your worst moment whilst being at the club? Having to call Kieren Wright to apologize the week after the first demons disco. Had a wrestle with a fire extinguisher on the dance floor and accidentally sprayed the foam all over his decks.

What is your most memorable off field moment involving the club or another player? It’s hard to go past the win for Prems last year in the grand final, what a great couple of days! Though I think the character of the players and the club was best showed after the loses the two years before so that was pretty special too.

In 10 years time someone from the club becomes famous, who is it and what are they famous for? There will be a special 2 hour episode of Law and Order SVU chronicling the troubling life and times of Dan Witt.




Nick Hey sent this snap around one night because he said he was feeling sick before the next day’s match :'(


After showing up and playing, he bailed on the post match function to go home and send another snap of his ongoing battle with man flu :'( x 2


Jesse Hare and Zac Baglin caught getting real intimate. Lucky this photo doesn’t have a timestamp as it is believed to have been taken at about 3:00 AM.


Coach Chris Yard was trying to escape the Old’s Park heat, unfortunately for him he got caught looking a little bit creepy lurking shirtless outside the women’s bathroom! Haha!


This is what happens when you let your brother and his boyfriend Jesse shave your head for $100. Harry Angel somehow lived to tell the tale.


A photo of our girls in their first game in blue and red, yeeeew! Go girls!


Social Radar (Upcoming Events)

Sneans Trivia & Games Night (Saturday April 30th)

Pennant Hills Ladies Day (Saturday May 28th )


Best of the Fines

  • $2 Harry Angel, for already being the runaway leader for the club B&F, Biggest and Fattest, for 2016. (Dan Witt)
  • $2 Stevie Wray, for never ever reaching his potential (Dan Witt)
  • $2 Phil Hare, for pretending he wasn’t going to be president again (Dan Witt)
  • $2 Harry Angel, shaving his head like Jesse in an attempt to make Tom actually love him (Jake Gunstone)
  • $2 Evan Danilo, for turning down a job in India for the T20 world cup. I spoke to Ev and he said ‘despite the amount of cash they offered, playing park footy was just more fulfilling than becoming a sight screen’ (Jake Gunstone)
  • $2 Ted Widmer, when he finally handed in his resignation to the carpark to take a new role at a law firm, Ted took a final look around at his colleagues and said ‘Ha…how’s it feel that the next time I see you lot it will be in the valet carpark when you’re parking my brand new BMW!’ (Jake Gunstone)
  • $2 Fiddles, taking the new women’s coaching role was the only way he could talk to a girl without getting told to f&%k off! (Jake Gunstone)
  • $2 Keiren Wright, you gave me a spray on the weekend and it hurt my feelings (Jack Patten)
  • $2 Jordy Rene, at the ground on the weekend Jordy was raving on about some hot girl he had just seen, she was apparently walking around and he wanted to find out who it was. He was asking everyone. Turns out it was Yardy’s daughter! (Jack Patten)
  • $2 Fiddles, for leaving at half time of the women’s match to go and DJ (Ben Urwin)


Gossip Column 

  • YD’s B’day rolls around. Senior coach Chris Yard celebrated his 44th birthday earlier in the week. Happy birthday big dog! Yardy not only coaches the prems boys, but he also plays Division 5 matches for the Dees whenever the games don’t clash. What a legend! Doing well for 44 mate.
  • Gunner’s TV debut. Some of you may have spotted Jake Gunstone on the TAB ad circulating through foxtel at the moment. The signature of Jake’s cameo performance is the tight white t-shirt that’s far too small for him and the awkward smile that he has been forced to push onto the screen. Congrats on your big break mate, that six months spent at acting school has paid off!
  • Brawny back at Uni?! Club stalwart Anthony Brawn has gone back to uni to study a teaching degree. Apparently he has been spotted down at the uni bar the last few nights with a posse of 18 year olds drinking vodka raspberries. Nah well done though mate!
  • Ted starts new job at law firm. Teddy Widmer has finally put half a decade of uni behind him and has landed a job at a coveted inner city law firm. Good job Ted, we are all stoked for you!
  • Hare breaks news to Yard. Jesse Hare is the latest in a line of many Demons players to break the news to their coaches that they will be travelling overseas for the European winter. Hare held off for months but finally broke down earlier in the week revealing the full details of his travels to the coach. Hare joins the likes of fellow team mate Michael Johnston and also carpark buddy Tom Abbott on the list of Demons players travelling abroad this winter. Unlike Hare though, Abbott has faked an ankle injury to avoid telling ressies coach Jason Clarke that he booked a 2 month Contiki trip in Europe.

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