Demons Dig: Issue 1 – March 2016

Demons Dig: Issue 1 – March 2016

March 14, 2016

Player Profile 

This month in ‘player profile’ we are putting red head hero Tim Wales through his paces. Lets see how he fairs…

Name: Tim Wales

Nicknames: Waler, Rodney

Occupation: Teacher

When did you join the club? 2008

What has been your best moment whilst being at the club? Winning the flag last year.

What has been your worst moment whilst being at the club? Having the whole team back at my small 1 bedroom apartment after the grand final win and having Seb Parker set off the alarm at 7am. Not being able to figure out how to turn it off for half an hour then having to get Tommy Angel to cut the wires. Then having to tell Maddy what happened, 6 months later and I’m still in the dog house.

What is your most memorable off field moment involving the club or another player? There are plenty including all the lock ins hosted by Phil Hare. But a more recent memory of his son Jesse pretending to be Spider-Man hanging off my balcony and not being able pull himself up for a couple of minutes. But in all seriousness, seeing the direction the club has been going the last couple of years. Only fielding 3 teams in 2012 to now having 7 including a women’s team is a huge achievement and a massive credit to everyone involved with the club.

You’re stuck on an Island with three other players of your choice, who are they and how does it play out? Not all are players but they are: Brant ‘Smacko’ Jack, Harry Angel and Phil ‘Marv’ Scarlett, in a hunger games-type event. Phil Scarlett will finally get to kill Harry Angel for years of not paying his registration fees. I will eventually die from all of the passive smoke and Smacko and Scarlo will start a new life together as father and son.



In this segment we will post some of the more obvious, but mostly, some of the more obscure lookalikes at the footy club. Message through any look-a-likes that you would like to see published!

Macca Lookalike

Andrew McLellan looks like a beluga whale. An oldie but a goodie! This one was almost too easy as Macca had this one floating around his Facebook page. It just gets better every time.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.25.16 pmCamel Head

Harry Angel looks like a Camel. Thank god for the Angel’s, on top of some quality on field efforts the boys provide endless fuel for gags at their expense off the field. The Penno Demon reckons Harry and the Camel are a dead ringer.  

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.24.32 pmdave-the-barbarian-ds01

Aaron Crisfield looks like Dave the Barbarian. For all you 90’s kids. Cartoon network star Dave the Barbarian seems to have jumped out of the screen and into fur (and onto the bench press), here’s a photo of club pushup king Aaron Crisfield getting festive. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.20.37 pmcan-dogs-eat-raw-chicken-big

   Josh Boag looks like a Steggles Raw Chicken. Not much more to this one Steggs, good on ya.

Cam and Tommyboy band

Tom Angel and Cameron Smith look like members of a mid 2000’s boy band. Club heart-throbs Tom Angel and Cam Smith obviously didn’t always have it that way. Their twenties seem to have definitely served them better that their teens did. Those haircuts are terrible! What were you boys thinking?


Social Radar (Upcoming Events)

AFL Season Starts (Thursday March 24th)

Sydney AFL Round One (Saturday April 2nd)

First Game for Pennant Hills Women’s Team (Saturday April 9th)


Gossip Column 

The club gossip column will keep readers in the loop in regards to all the on and off- field happenings of players supporters and fans of the Demons family. Look no further if you’re looking to find out more about members of our community.

  • Angel gets busy.
    The past fortnight has been a huge one for Tommy Angel. The reining best and fairest has had his appendices removed (thanks to a brutal bout of appendicitis),  he has moved in to a new pad overlooking Bondi Beach, but most importantly, he has been elevated to the position of club Co-Captain. Quite a busy couple of weeks for Turbo.
  • Dell’ Aquila steps down from role as club co-captain.
    Premiership co-captain, Rod Podbury medalist, club legend, general good bloke, Della, has taken a step away from his role as club skipper to pave the way for new energy and take the opportunity to focus on his life away from footy. For more than 5 years, as captain, Della was a huge force on and off the field for the Demons community and I’m sure he will continue to be such. Thanks for it all mate!
  • Joely Cousens carries on the legacy.
    With Joely’s U19s captaincy appointment, the Cousens surname gets ever more illustrious within the club’s walls. This is a feel good story. Generally speaking, last year Joel was out of shape and out of luck. He was in between 19s premier division and U19s reserves for most of the season. After a string of great performances late last year, a huge pre-season and some genuine personal growth in terms of leadership skills, Joel was selected as the U19s team captain. Many say Joel embodies all that the club strives to be and we couldn’t be more excited for him.
  • Women’s Team numbers continue to grow. 
    It was only a few short months ago that we announced the introduction of our Women’s team and for a while it looked as though we may be reaching far and wide to grab players to put together a side. It seems as that couldn’t be further from the case, as session by session numbers just continue to grow. For their first trial match the girls had more than 18 players, a group that is largely made up of the girlfriends, sisters, friends and relatives of current players and volunteers already involved with the club. How great is that!
  • Gunner extends contract… (with fitness first)
    Reserve grade skipper Jake Gunstone has put pen to paper in the off season, extending his contract for another year with local franchise gym fitness first. Although his upper body already looks like a waterbaloon stuffed with walnuts he is confident another season focussed solely on his torso should deliver some good on field performances. Gunner was quoted saying ‘I had some interest from other gyms, but I feel like I’m on the verge of some good gains with the fitness first crew’. Well done Jake!

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